LuccaRing versione pubblica più recente (v1.0 SD):

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Version 1.0 (list of major updates)

  • A full photogrammetric scan of the monumental walls + some hidden monuments and artifacts (this required something like 6000+ images!..which meant hours of shooting and days waiting for the right light conditions + hours of processing + retopo etc…hope you like it!)
  • A scan of a modern small crane-machine taking care of them walls (wonder how it would feel to race one of those..)
  • A complete new set of low poly “background vehicles”, also modeled and textured after photogrammetry
  • 5 new buildings (taking the place of placeholder copies of existing buildings), 3 of which were gently modeled by fellow supporters (will credit them but can’t remember right now)
    Refinements/fixes to existing buildings
  • Added TV antennas, air conditioners and chimneys all around on top of the houses as in real Lucca
  • Added 2 gigantic cranes: these were there when i started the project. They are still there and i don’t exactly know why. I decided to include them as i suspect they will be there forever and become landmarks. That’s how it goes in Italy sometimes, and that is also why you’ll find them quite rusty (in case you get there as a result from an impossible crash or physics failure).
  • A nice photo-scanned monument of a man on a horse, named “Statua alla Libertà Lucchese”, which was hidden by previous restoration works and recently finished and set free by the Town council. It took something like 10 years to restore it*, and it required us a 8mt. pole to scan it, and yes, maneuvering that thing around trees was a nightmare (including lots of people looking at us, and 2 tries before we had the right set of images). Look for it in front of Porta San Pietro!
  • We finished the low poly model of the complete “inner town”. This will be the foundation for our next episode of LuccaRing (and more). The model currently has low quality textures stolen from GE (no need for hi-res anyway since you can’t see much from the current layout)
  • Removed some of the grandstands to save some polygons..also did not really want to occlude the vista on the walls!
  • Brand new (better looking and no tiling shown) grass textures all around

Version 0.9

  • From now on 2 versions are available: Luccaring v0.9 SD is packaged with reduced textures resolution for better performance on lower end PCs and to fit RaceDepartment maximum upload size limits; Luccaring v0.9 HD is packaged with full resolution textures and is available for download to contributors on the official website

    LuccaRing SD should look not much different than the HD version up to 1920×1080. If you can afford a powerful PC, a triple monitor setup and a good graphics card with at least 2GB of ram (…and feel you can live with sligthly longer load times), please consider making a donation to enjoy the track in full-res, and to help us with hosting, bandwidth costs and further development. Folder structure and file names of SD and HD versions are exactly the same so they should be fully compatible for online racing. This has not been tested (yet).
  • Added fully 3D Porta San Pietro and Porta Sant’Anna + baked AO
  • Fixed camera facing people .ini values
  • Added mipmaps to most textures
  • Updated several shaders/textures
  • Added more AO bakings (offtrack tarmac, terrain and others)
  • Removed tyre barriers at T7
  • Fixed several trees positions
  • Fixed sponsors positions at Porta San Petro
  • Added missing garden fences/walls (100% done!)
  • Added a few textured and AO baked buildings inside the walls
  • Fixed some floating cardboard grass patches
  • Faster load times (wnet from 20+ secs to 13 secs on my SSD for the HD version, and 8 seconds for the SD version)
  • Splitted some physics surfaces for (slightly) better CPU performance

Version 0.85

  • New pitboxes and pitwall
  • New grandstand @ Porta San Pietro
  • Baked AO on roadtexture / barriers / pits / buildings
  • Reworked barrier textures and added new tyre barriers
  • New track surface with more details / better mesh
  • Improved loading times
  • Optimized for more FPS
  • Better texture compression / packaging
  • New assets all around the track
  • Added first pass for inner buildings
  • Refined grass and grass textures
  • Cleaned all alpha textures
  • Added reverb zones (experimental feature, feel free to edit audio_sources.ini)
  • Added camera facing people
  • Refined barriers positioning for better AI behavior

…and much more…


Version 0.7a

  • Fixed several minor textures / UV issues
  • Fine tuned trees/buildings shaders
  • Fixed a few offset colliders
  • Fixed a few trees floating in the air
  • Added 4 reverb zones for testing. Note: reverb zones might not work. They can be disabled / edited by opening audio_sources.ini file in /assettocorsa/content/tracks/luccaring/data





Version 0.7

Physics / Layout

  • Fixed misplacements using an updated / larger points cloud reference
  • Added track/town elevation changes using accurate town elevation data from accurate reference points clouds / other sources
  • Fixed track length / scale, going from 5.376 to exactly 4.450 meters as in real life
  • Refined minor layout stuff (track width, curbs/barriers positioning etc.)
  • Scratch new track physics surface, first pass of 2 for the the finer details
  • Vastly improved AI / cpu performance thanks to better surfaces (and to AC latest updates)
  • Updated trees / assets placement and fixed most objects vs. collision boxes (currently no misplacements that i am aware of)



  • Fixed several texture sizes and added DX10.1 support
  • Updated/fixed terrain textures, transitions and shaders
  • New 2d grass textures / placement
  • New walkside textures/transitions
  • Better textures for several 2d trees which had bad alpha and wrong diffuse values
  • New improved yellow/black curbs textures / mesh / UV layout
  • New tarmac shader / textures with normal map and proper speculars
  • New detailed tarmac diffuse textures with patches / different asphalt types / markings, first pass of 2 Updated lots of UV’s + general texture cleanup
  • Fixed road markings / grooves disappearing under road surface in some places
  • Better texture packaging / system usage
  • Added all minor assets (bins, benches, signs, bus stops etc.) A couple more buildings/garden walls
  • More LOD’s, fine tuned previous LODs vs. performance
  • Fine tuned world detail slider for good performance also on slower PCs (you’ll gradually loose grass, more grass and 3 people, vehicles and so on)

UI & others

  • Added track description support
  • Added time attack mode support (no “finish line” overlay in game – this will be hopefully befixed in a later version – but it’s actually working, and it’s pretty easy to spot track sectors as you see horizontal sponsor’s banners over your head where your goal is, like the LuccaRing logo on the finish line)
  • Updated track thumbnail/description/data
  • Updated 2 sets of old cameras + 2 new sets courtesy of Mr. Norbs